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Unsere historischen Originalkostüme und detailgenauen Repliken sind wahre Schätze. Mit unserem Fundus decken wir alle wichtigen Epochen der Kostümgeschichte ab. Sie finden bei uns Alltagsbekleidung und Schuhe, Abendmode und Accessoires, Festkleidung und Kopfbedeckungen. Unser Kostümangebot reicht vom Lendenschurz aus der Steinzeit über das Ballkleid aus dem Rokoko bis zum Thierry Mugler-Kostüm aus den 90er Jahren. Generationen von Theaterkunst-MitarbeiterInnen haben über Jahrzehnte aktuelle Einzelstücke zusammengetragen und sorgfältig gepflegt. So ist auch ein lückenloser, authentischer Bestand von Kleidungsstücken aus der Nachkriegszeit entstanden. Die Sorgfalt, mit der wir seit mehr als einem Jahrhundert arbeiten, kommt Ihren Produktionen zugute – mit unserer Unterstützung lässt sich Zeitgeschichte stilgetreu inszenieren.

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Here you will find answers to questions that are usually popping up. Perhaps you will also find information on your current concern.

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Do you have a catalogue?

Rather than leafing through a catalogue, you can view a selection of costumes in our digital showroom. You are welcome to visit us at any time by scheduling an appointment. Consultation by telephone or video is also possible. Feel free to contact us.

What kind of costumes do you have available in your collection?

Theaterkunst has a stock of over 10 million costumes from all eras and time periods. From antiquity to the present day, at Theaterkunst you can be sure to find just what you need for your project. We also have a large collection of historical and contemporary uniforms from a range of countries, and an extremely well-stocked workwear department. In addition to costumes, you will also find a wide variety of clothing for your film crew, ranging from thermal jackets to moonboots, wetsuits, oilskin raincoats and much more.

Do you also select costumes for customers?

We are happy to advise you individually, either on location at Theaterkunst, or via email or phone. If you can’t come by in person, we will charge you a pre-determined fee for putting together the requested costumes.

What documents can I fill out ahead of time?

In order to be able to borrow costumes from us, the production company must cover all associated costs. We have also prepared a production information sheet that you are welcome to fill out in advance. It is available here: download center

Can I simply stop by?

We always look forward to your visit. To ensure that a staff member is available to take care of your needs, we ask that you make an appointment to schedule your visit. If you wish, we can reserve a fitting room for you.

Can you send us pictures of costumes?

Customers who are not able to come by for an in-person visit can also commission us to put costumes together. We will then send you pictures of the costumes. This service can take two to three working days, as each costume is individually configured based on request. Please contact us to discuss cost.

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You have not found what you were looking for? Then let us advise you personally. Our showroom currently displays a representative selection of our extensive costume collection, which we are constantly adding to. We will be happy to help you personally with your search.



With an eye for historical details, we have gathered a collection of original uniforms and medals, badges and blank weapons such as epees, daggers and swords, in addition to work clothes over decades. Should you still be missing something, we can reconstruct it true to the original at any time thanks to our library and picture archive. We will be happy to advise you!

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Our costumes and accessories owe their long life to the loving restoration and refurbishment by our team. We employ designers and garment masters, tailors, fashion and costume assistants.

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As an international costume house, we do not cover some areas of equipment. We are happy to recommend our partners with whom we have been working successfully for many years. Please contact us if you would like us to establish a contact. We belong to an extensive network of the film industry and maintain memberships in various clubs and associations.