The initiative by THEATERKUNST aims to create meaningful connections within the diverse and ever-evolving landscape of the fashion and costume industry.

The international Costume House as a platform.

THEATERKUNST serves as a common ground, where fashion futures and costume history intersect, making it the perfect place to explore innovative ways of working together. We established an enhanced presentation platform for independent brands and designers based in Berlin, with a focus on promoting the conscious creation of visual narratives through thoughtfully designed clothing.

Designers are given an expanded showcase opportunity, while emerging stylists and costume designers are provided with the access and infrastructure needed to effectively collaborate with these brands. By curating distinctive products designed and crafted in Berlin within our Costume Collection, we not only celebrate local talent but also cultivate an environment where inspiration thrives, enabling conscious collaborations.

Both the participating brands and THEATERKUNST mutually benefit from the renting process.



We welcome our network of established creatives to work with our selection of Berlin based brands. We further encourage emerging costume designers and stylists to get in touch and share your project ideas.

Berlin based


You can find selected items of the talented Designers in our Costume Collection.

KASIA KUCHARSKA is a Berlin-based brand founded in 2021.

The reinvention of traditional craft and technology-driven manufacturing techniques stands at the core of our designs. Our approach is based on process ideas and developments that consider clothing as a medium not yet to be exhausted. With this focus and special attention to sustainable manufacturing, we are pushing the boundaries of conventional fashion design.

ASTERISK / 아스테리스크
is a Handmade Independent Jewelry Brand by the Korean Nonbinary Photographer and self-taught Designer Zan Hyan Song, based in Berlin, Germany.

Their jewelry is inspired by their exploration of identity, fluidity and natural shapes of plants and creatures and how they interact with each other. As the process of making jewelry by hand acts as a form of meditation and inner healing for them, the organic shapes of their pieces always are a reflection of their unconsciousness and inner state of mind.

SOJI SOLARIN is a summation of the experiences and voyages of founder and creative director, Soji Solarin.

From Nigeria, to Los Angeles, Tbilisi, and Berlin, Solarin has led an artistic existence of ‘solo residencies’. While Solarin initially focused on using clothing to champion black identity, the seasonless brand has broadened to focus on connectivity and union as a whole. Telling stories untold, embracing the whimsical nature of myths, and exploring the intricacies of identity. This core philosophy has always been integral to SOJI SOLARIN and continues to shape the brand’s future…

LOU DE BÈTOLY  is a French designer based in Berlin, Germany.

Her challenge is to bring classical craftsmanship and Haute Couture techniques into a Timeless context. She works exclusively with vintage and dead stock textiles that are reworked, embellished and turned from waste material into Haute Couture. Lou de Bètoly stands for delicate, detail-oriented, and expressive garments for fearless women of all ages. It combines elegance with extravagance, fragility with chaos, innovation with nostalgia, and deliberately pushes against the boundaries of fashion – into fields such as contemporary art and traditional craftsmanship.

RÄTHEL & WOLF is a responsible jewellery brand based between London and Berlin, founded by designers Sari Räthel and Ricarda Wolf.

We design non-invasive collections that celebrate the body by highlighting and contouring all types of silhouettes. Our luxurious pieces explore the dynamic dialogue between sensuality, materiality and technology. Every piece is consciously made in Germany by local artisans that honour traditional technique and craftsmanship, juxtaposing the avant-garde look of our designs. Socially and environmentally responsible jewellery crafted in Berlin.

MILK OF LIME seeks bridges between the rural and the metropolitan, between the unique and the mundane.

The brand is inspired by natural materials themselves and uses them as a starting point for new designs, telling sometimes harsh, sometimes romantic stories. This contrast forms the mood of Milk of Lime, bringing an ongoing poem about life and afterlife into people’s closets.

DANIELA HARSCH stands for reshaping ceremonial wear as a versatile option for everyday expression.

The label focuses on offering wedding attire transcending our notions of traditional gender norms. At the heart of the brand’s design philosophy lies a devotion to the art of draping, infusing each garment with a sense of fluidity and sensuality, allowing to push boundaries of delicacy and craft.

Inspired by childhood memories, coming of age stories, subculture, pop culture, and their deconstruction, Clara Colette Miramon is a berlin-based womenswear brand reflecting on womanhood. Fashion influences from iconic pop cultural moments are melded with traditional techniques and historical European garments in the collections. The clothing is for pop stars, artists, and everyday bad bitches.

Dressing contemporary women who are not afraid to express themselves, including pop artists like Doja Cat and Caroline Polachek, and the confident everyday woman, are both the purpose and inspiration of the brand.

HELENA SÖLTING, is a Berlin-based fashion designer creating unique pieces that explore the body. Fascinated by the concept of disgust as a powerful emotion, her artistic designs aim to deepen the bond between one’s body and identity.

Each piece of Slime apparel, jewelry and pair of Slime shoes are hand made in berlin, germany: using industry waste fabrics, deconstructed second hand shoes, hair, teeth, slimy textures and muddy colors to create unique pieces that explore the field of tension between disgust and sexiness.

ASSEMBLED HALF is a Berlin & Seoul based label by Sojin Park. Assembled half focuses on the beauty of Nature and , Individually hand print and craft garments. She creates handcrafted signature pieces with a rare and artistic approach to fashion.

She does not pursue disposable season fashion. She tries to make clothing that helps one awaken one -of -a- kinds unique.

ULTRAVANTGARDE is an ultra-slow fashion label based in Berlin. Inspired by the essence of fashion, it
playfully combines nostalgia with innovation through an eclectic selection and fusion of core elements of different garments from across eras.

As a result, each ULTRAVANTGARDE creation is a journey through fashion history and is crafted predominantly from leftover, vintage and deadstock materials, embodying a commitment to sustainability.



Here you will find answers to questions that are usually popping up. Perhaps you will also find information on your current concern.


Why is the initiative called “1907_curated”?

The project name “1907_curated” refers to the year in which Theaterkunst was founded.

What is the aim of 1907_curated?

At its core, the initiative aims to build an expanded presentation opportunity for independent brands and designers in Berlin while connecting diverse requests from costume designers to further promote the conscious creation of visual narratives through consciously designed fashion. Theaterkunst features contemporary designers so that they are available for costume/styling professionals and their projects within the established infrastructure of Theaterkunst.

What do I need to bear in mind when renting pieces from the 1907_curated range?

There is nothing for our customers to consider. The costumes are rented out in the same way as all our other costumes, including the applicable rental periods.

How many brands are part of 1907_curated?

There are currently eleven brands and the number is steadily increasing.

How can I become part of 1907_curated as a designer or brand?

We are delighted that you like the initiative. Please feel free to write to us at info@theaterkunst.de

Are the brands involved in the rental process?

The designers are financially involved in the rental process, so that in addition to the visibility of their brand, they also earn an equal share of the sales.

Are the items at 1907_curated more expensive than other costumes?

The rental costs are based on our usual prices for designer items. In individual cases, the insurance or replacement value may be higher, as we are guided by the designer’s prices. Please feel free to speak to our staff about this.

Where can I find 1907_curated at Theaterkunst?

In the women‘s department, we have set up a separate area for designer pieces.Our staff will be happy to assist you with your selection.



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