Mein Traum, meine Geschichte

The series “My dream, my story” was launched on KIKA and in the ARD media library at the weekend. Eight episodes tell the childhood stories of famous personalities such as Jane Goodall, Thomas Alva Edison, Margarete Steiff, Nina Simone and Willy Brandt. Costume designer Sabrina Krämer has rented most of the historical costumes from our collection.

Among others with Mahlet Paulke, Aurelia Ott, Martha Haberland, Emile Cherif, Arthur Gropp, Nelly Hoffmann, Cooper Dillon, Jenö Stillmark; Production: SWR and LOOKSfilm; Director: Marco Gadge; Costume design: Sabrina Krämer

Copyright: SWR/LOOKSfilm/Christian Koch