Das Haus der Träume

On September 18, the event series “Das Haus der Träume” starts on RTL+. The 12-part series revives the dramatic German turn of events in Berlin in the late 1920s from the perspective of a young woman and a Jewish family. At the center of the events: the former Jonass department store at what is now Torstraße 1. Around 1,000 different costumes were used for the roles of the main and supporting cast alone, and another 4,000 for the extras. Some of these came from our collection.

Starring Naemi Florez, Ludwig Simon, Alexander Scheer, Amy Benkenstein, Nina Kunzendorf; Production: X Filme Creative Pool GmbH; Directors: Sherry Hormann, Umut Dag; Costume Design: Ute Paffendorf, Fred Fenner