Here you will find answers to questions that are repeatedly asked of us. Perhaps you will also find information on your current concern.

1.0 1907_curated_en

Why is the initiative called “1907_curated”?

The project name “1907_curated” refers to the year in which Theaterkunst was founded.

What is the aim of 1907_curated?

At its core, the initiative aims to build an expanded presentation opportunity for independent brands and designers in Berlin while connecting diverse requests from costume designers to further promote the conscious creation of visual narratives through consciously designed fashion. Theaterkunst features contemporary designers so that they are available for costume/styling professionals and their projects within the established infrastructure of Theaterkunst.

What do I need to bear in mind when renting pieces from the 1907_curated range?

There is nothing for our customers to consider. The costumes are rented out in the same way as all our other costumes, including the applicable rental periods.

How many brands are part of 1907_curated?

There are currently eleven brands and the number is steadily increasing.

How can I become part of 1907_curated as a designer or brand?

We are delighted that you like the initiative. Please feel free to write to us at info@theaterkunst.de

Are the brands involved in the rental process?

The designers are financially involved in the rental process, so that in addition to the visibility of their brand, they also earn an equal share of the sales.

Are the items at 1907_curated more expensive than other costumes?

The rental costs are based on our usual prices for designer items. In individual cases, the insurance or replacement value may be higher, as we are guided by the designer’s prices. Please feel free to speak to our staff about this.

Where can I find 1907_curated at Theaterkunst?

In the women‘s department, we have set up a separate area for designer pieces.Our staff will be happy to assist you with your selection.

2.0 About Theaterkunst

Does Theaterkunst have other locations besides Berlin?

Yes, Theaterkunst also has branches besides of Berlin in Cologne, Penzing, Vienna (Austria), Budapest (Hungary) and Warsaw (Poland).

How long has Theaterkunst GmbH been around?

As a costume collection we have been in existence since 1907. You can find out all about our long history here: history

About us

What are your opening hours?

We are open Monday to Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. and Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. We ask that you make an appointment to arrange your visit. That way we can be sure to have a staff member available to assist you with your needs.

Do you also allow appointments outside of regular opening hours?

If you can’t visit us during regular opening hours, or if you need a special appointment for other reasons, please contact us at info@theaterkunst.de

Do you buy clothes?

Yes, we buy selected items. Please send us a photo of the item for sale, including your price expectation, to info@theaterkunst.de. We’ll get in touch to inform you if it fits our collection and discuss the details of the purchase.

Do you also accept donations?

Smaller donations are always welcome. For larger donations, however, such as estate or household clearances, we prefer to examine and assess the items on site. Unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to accept every donation. Feel free to contact us at info@theaterkunst.de

Can I buy a costume from the collection?

We rarely sell any of our costumes. Please get in touch with us.

Can I do an internship at Theaterkunst?

It is possible to do a compulsory internship with us, in the context of school or university requirements. Internships take place in our collection or in our studio. Please send your application as well as an authorization for compulsory internship from your educational institution to jobs@theaerkunst.de

3.0 Our Collection

Do you have a catalogue?

Rather than leafing through a catalogue, you can view a selection of costumes in our digital showroom. You are welcome to visit us at any time by scheduling an appointment. Consultation by telephone or video is also possible. Feel free to contact us.

What kind of costumes do you have available in your collection?

Theaterkunst has a stock of over 10 million costumes from all eras and time periods. From antiquity to the present day, at Theaterkunst you can be sure to find just what you need for your project. We also have a large collection of historical and contemporary uniforms from a range of countries, and an extremely well-stocked workwear department. In addition to costumes, you will also find a wide variety of clothing for your film crew, ranging from thermal jackets to moonboots, wetsuits, oilskin raincoats and much more.

Do you also select costumes for customers?

We are happy to advise you individually, either on location at Theaterkunst, or via email or phone. If you can’t come by in person, we will charge you a pre-determined fee for putting together the requested costumes.

What documents can I fill out ahead of time?

In order to be able to borrow costumes from us, the production company must cover all associated costs. We have also prepared a production information sheet that you are welcome to fill out in advance. It is available here: download center

Can I simply stop by?

We always look forward to your visit. To ensure that a staff member is available to take care of your needs, we ask that you make an appointment to schedule your visit. If you wish, we can reserve a fitting room for you.

Can you send us pictures of costumes?

Customers who are not able to come by for an in-person visit can also commission us to put costumes together. We will then send you pictures of the costumes. This service can take two to three working days, as each costume is individually configured based on request. Please contact us to discuss cost.

4.0 Rentals

Do I have a selection option on all costumes?

We grant a choice for almost all costumes. Excluded from this are all costumes that are worn on the body such as pants, shirts, sweaters, dresses, coats and shoes, etc. receive a selection. Costumes that decorate this outfit, i.e. jewelry, hats, effects and glasses, as well as costumes that require cleaning/laundering after each fitting, such as socks, underwear, etc., on the other hand, do not have a selection.

How long can costumes be rented for?

We’re happy to advise you on a case-by-case basis. Please send your request to info@theaterkunst.de and we will contact you to discuss details.

Do I pay the rent and deposit for costumes directly upon pick up?

There are different possibilities of payment. Payment modalities will be discussed individually when you place your order.

Where do I return costumes?

Costumes must be returned to our central return location on Eisenzahnstraße only (Eisenzahnstraße 43-44, 10709 Berlin), even if you have rented from a different location.

May I make adjustment to the costumes?

Borrowed costumes must be returned to Theaterkunst in undamaged condition. If adjustments are necessary, you must make them in such a way that the costume can be subsequently returned to its original condition. Please coordinate any such adjustments with us in advance.

May I use artificial blood on a costume?

If you wish to work with artificial blood, we ask that you coordinate this in advance with our staff. In addition, a color test should be carried out on an inconspicuous spot on the costume to ensure that the artificial blood comes out during cleaning. If permanent damage or partial damage occurs as a result of such action, the customer will be charged for special cleaning or must replace the costume.

May I give a costume patina?

Without prior consultation, Theaterkunst costumes may not be given patina.

Can I rent costumes as a private individual?

Unfortunately, we only rent costumes to stylists or costume designers who need the costumes for work purposes.

5.0 Made-to-Masure / Workshop / Atelier

Can I have Theaterkunst produce costumes for me?

You can commission us to produce made-to-measure costumes to suit your needs. In our costume workshop, our qualified wardrobe masters and custom tailors will produce costumes according to your precise specifications. We are happy to advise you in this process.

How much does a made-to-measure costume cost?

Prices are calculated on a case-by-case basis, depending on the cut requested and the materials to be used. Feel free to contact us directly so we can help you find a made-to-measure solution.

Do you make adjustments to costumes after the fitting, to ensure a perfect fit?

Yes, we often make adjustments based on individual specifications, with the associated costs charged to the production company.

Where do I get fabrics and materials from?

We have a fabric storage that we are happy to visit together. We also have a fabric catalog library where you can browse. If you wish, we can help you with advice. Or you can simply bring your own fabrics with you.

Can I buy fabrics and accessories from your stock?

Yes, in some cases this is possible. Feel free to contact us directly.

What happens to made-to-measure costumes once they are returned?

After they are returned, made-to-measure costumes are included in our collection and become available for rental.

Is it possible to purchase the made-to-measure costume?

Yes, it is possible to purchase custom-made costumes from Theaterkunst. The price for this varies, depending on the costume. Feel free to contact us, and we will prepare a corresponding offer.

Is there a dye shop or a shoemaker shop at Theaterkunst?

For such services, we work together with a large network of colleagues who are experts in their respective craft. And when it comes to producing large numbers of uniforms and costumes, we expand our tailor workshop by hiring additional staff.

6.0 News and Social Media

How do I subscribe to the Theaterkunst newsletter?

The following link takes you directly to registration: To our newsletter
To unsubscribe at a later date, you can use the link found in the respective newsletter.

Are you available for interviews and film shoots?

Yes, we are open to such requests. Both our Managing Director Mrs. Andrea Peters and our staff can be requested as interview partners. Filming at our Berlin locations is also possible by prior appointment. Please send all press inquiries to presse@theaterkunst.de

Can I send you photos from the set?

We are particularly happy to receive photos of your work on the film set or behind-the-scenes material focusing on costume design. Please send such material to presse@theaterkunst.de. We will get in touch with you to discuss whether we can use the photos for our social media channels, for the Theaterkunst newsletter and/or the website.

Can Theaterkunst promote my project?

We would love to hear from you when your project goes public. Please send us the cinema release or broadcast dates to presse@theaterkunst.de

Can I take photos in the collection?

You are free to take photos in our collection at any time and to use them on your social media channels. Please provide a link to our collection using @theaterkunst. With regard to detailed photos of costumes, we ask you to consult with our staff in advance. Please note that no persons (besides yourself or your team) may be visible on the photos.

7.0 Research / Library

Can I use your library to conduct research?

Our library is available to anyone who is interested. Please make an appointment at info@theaterkunst.de. The library has approximately 4,000 books on costumes, costume history, fashion, uniforms and much more. We are purely a reference library, so it is not possible to borrow books for external use.

Does Theaterkunst have other research possibilities besides the library?

We have extensive collections of various fashion magazines going back several decades. There is also a loose-leaf collection that has grown over the years, which has proven indispensable for many costume designers researching the fashion of the respective eras. We also have a large number of original costumes in stock that can be used for study purposes.

8.0 Shipping

Do you ship costumes worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide. Terms for international shipping are discussed in advance. Please read our transport terms for more information.