Start of the eight-part crime-mystery series “Oderbruch” on ARD. The discovery of a mass grave in the Oderbruch area shocks an entire region. The serial murder case appears to be linked to an old case during the Oder flood of 1997. Ex-policewoman Maggie (Karoline Schuch) returns to her homeland after 20 years and meets detective inspector Roland Voit (Felix Kramer). What they uncover takes them to the limits of the imaginable… Costume designer Dorota Budna has used historical costumes from our collection for various flashbacks.

Starring Karoline Schuch, Felix Kramer, Lucas Gregorowicz, Julius Gause; Production: Syrreal Entertainment GmbH, ARD Degeto Film GmbH; Director: Adolfo J. Kolmerer, Christian Alvart; Costume design: Dorota Budna

Copyright: ARD Degeto/Syrreal Dogs GmbH/CBS Studios/Stefan Erhard