Die Mutigen 56 – Deutschlands längster Streik

To mark today’s ‘Labour Day’, ARD is showing the documentary feature film ‘Die Mutigen 56 – Deutschlands längster Streik’. Based on a fictitious working-class family, the film tells the story of the difficult conditions in the 1950s and the struggle for a decent life. Workers in the 1950s received no pay for the first three days of illness, and very little after that. From October 1956, up to 34,000 metalworkers in Schleswig-Holstein therefore walked off the job. It is the longest industry strike in Germany to date. Costume designer Stefanie Jauß has found the appropriate costumes from this period at Theaterkunst.

With Anna Schimrigk, David Bredin, Claire Wegener, Maju Margrit Sartorius, Bettina Hoppe, among others; Production: EIKON Nord TV; Filmproduktion GmbH; Director: Sabine Bernardi, Ingo Helm, Dietrich Duppel; Costume design: Stefanie Jauß

Copyright: ARD