Maxton Hall – Die Welt zwischen uns

The six-part series ‘Maxton Hall’, based on the book series of the same name by Mona Kasten, is starting on Amazon Prime. It is about Ruby Bell, who comes from a humble background and ends up at the elite college ‘Maxton Hall’ thanks to a scholarship. Suddenly she is surrounded by the super-rich and gets caught up in a scandal involving an explosive secret of a classmate’s family.

Gabriela Reumer says about the costume design for the series: ‘It was important to me to be honest in the costume, not to exaggerate or use clichés that were too loud. I wanted to give every character the chance to be loved. The cast is so fantastically chosen that it was a real pleasure for me to help each individual slip into their role with the costume.’ (from: Press material filmcontact)

With Harriet Herbig-Matten, Damian Hardung, Sonja Weißer, Andrea Guo, among others; Production: UFA Fiction; Director: Tarek Roehlinger, Martin Schreier; Costume design: Gabriela Reumer, Kristin Horstmann

Copyright: Amazon Prime Video