Eine Million Minuten

One Million Minutes”, based on the novel by Wolf Küper, opens in German cinemas today. Karoline Herfurth and Tom Schilling play a married couple who become increasingly lost in their endless to-do lists. The plan: one million minutes, 694 days, almost two years just for the finer things in life. The family of four set off on a trip to Thailand and Iceland. Costume designer Gioia Raspé has packed some theatre costumes in the suitcases…

Starring Karoline Herfurth, Tom Schilling, Rurik Gislason, Pola Friedrichs, Joachim Król, Ulrike Kriener, Hassan Akkouch; Production: Hellinger / Doll Filmproduktion; Director: Christopher Doll; Costume design: Gioia Raspé

Copyright: Warner Bros