Buchcover für Hape Kerkeling

Costume designer Smilla Hebener has created the perfect look for the cover of Hape Kerkeling’s new book. In ‘Gebt mir etwas Zeit: Meine Chronik der Ereignisse’ (ET: 25.9.2024), entertainer Hape Kerkeling delves deep into the eventful history of his ancestors. He talks about his childhood in the seventies and the heyday of TV entertainment, about love, providence and the Dutch Golden Age. He takes us back to the beginnings of his television career and to the early days of the Kerckrings, to the flourishing Amsterdam of the 17th century. (Piper Verlag)

Smilla Hebener found what she was looking for in our historical costume hall.

Copyright: Piper Verlag; Smilla Hebener (costume photos)