Theaterkunst GmbH takes over large parts of the SWR costume collection

20,000 additional costumes can now be rented in Berlin

In December 2023, the traditional Berlin costume house Theaterkunst took over a large part of the SWR costume collection from Baden-Baden. Around 20,000 costume pieces from all eras for women, men and children are now available for rent in Berlin for film, series, theatre and advertising productions as well as styling.

“We have rented another hall in Berlin with over 700 square metres for this quantity of new arrivals. The new pieces are already sorted here and ready for use. The condition of the costumes is impeccable and unused. We are certain that they will meet with great interest from national and international customers and would like to thank our colleagues at SWR-Fundus for the trust they have placed in us as a reliable partner,” says Andrea Peters, Managing Director of Theaterkunst GmbH.

Marlene Neuberger, Head of Events and Acquisitions, SWR: “We are delighted that a large proportion of our costumes will be given a new and permanent home at the traditional Berlin costume house Theaterkunst and will thus remain in good hands. They can continue to be used by the cultural sector. We are also working on finding appropriate solutions for the props so that they too can remain in the industry in the long term.”

Copyright: Theaterkunst