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Mads Rønnborg

Danish stylist Mads Rønnborg has been doing the styling for German celebrities for years. He frequently comes to Theaterkunst for his projects. He has dressed influencers, actors or musicians for advertising campaigns and photo shoots, working with clients including Jennifer Garner, Barbara Schöneberger and Helene Fischer. In his book “100 x Outfit of the Day”, he shows what good styling is and proves that it’s attainable for anyone.

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Mads Rønnborg

You just did the styling for the influencer Twenty4Tim in his current music video: Among the costumes used were some that came from Theaterkunst. Tell us how you as a stylist approach your projects and how you prepare for them.

My motto is: The job I love doing most is the one I’m doing right now. And that’s how I approach my projects. Nothing is impossible and everything has to be just right. The look, the mood and the level of dress all have to fit together.

How did you get into styling, and how did you start getting noticed by celebrities?

Open the doors, leave any and all comfort zone behind, and be in the here and now. If you have passion in your work, you’ll gain the recognition you deserve. Word gets around and people will find you.

What’s so special about a costume collection like that of Theaterkunst, and what era are you most inspired by?

Your costume collection is a real treasure chest, where you can look for anything – and find it! You might be looking for a royal outfit, when you suddenly you find yourself holding a white Elvis costume. You can find such enormous inspiration here, and the employees are just awesome. It’s simply a dream. I find myself inspired by all the different eras, but in particular by the cross-over between different time periods.

Does coming to Theaterkunst more frequently help you to pursue a more sustainable approach to your work?

Working as a stylist, when you have to travel around the world with models, when everything has to be sent by air or flown over and back as well, it’s basically impossible to do that in a sustainable way. I supply second-hand shops with fantastic clothing, I don’t drive a car even though I could, and I only eat organic. At the moment, I can’t do any more than that. Your collection is a huge source of inspiration. Here you immerse yourself in another world, and forget everything about the climate, about bills… you even forget about time.

Is there a dream project that you’d like to work on? Or a personality who you’d really like to do the styling for?

My dream project, as I mentioned before, is always what I’m doing at the moment. I love doing the styling for anyone who needs my help – and I always put 200% effort into it.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to us. See you soon at Theaterkunst!

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